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Information technology certification

As the IT sector continues to grow, so too does the demand for qualified candidates to fill the ever-increasing number of jobs in the industry. In today’s information age, a passion for the latest tech trends paired with certification in IT can be your passport to a lucrative and stable career.

However, the IT sector has long had problems with the lack of diversity within its workforce, with only 25% of computing jobs currently filled by women. While changes are being made by leading tech companies in order to recruit more female candidates, it is also clear that education will play a key role in boosting the number of women working in the industry.

Read on to find out why more female students should seek Information Technology Education, and why now is the perfect time to launch a new career in IT.

Growing Opportunities for Women in the Information Technology Sector

Many industry leaders have acknowledged the need for more female candidates with Information Technology Certification. Laszlo Block, Senior Vice President for People Operations at Google, wrote recently that, “Google is not where we want to be when it comes to diversity.” The company has actively made changes to its policies in order to attract more women, including increasing maternity leave and adding women to its interviewing teams to attract prospective female candidates. And we’re seeing changes like this all across the IT landscape.

How an Information Technology Diploma can Kickstart your Career

So how can women take advantage of the growing opportunities in this sector? An Information Technology diploma can provide women with a quick, convenient path to a rewarding job in field that seems more than ready to welcome qualified candidates!

Academy of Learning College (AOLC) offers short, intensive programs in several in-demand specializations within the IT sector. Graduates are prepared with the training they need to jump straight into the workforce, and choose from a wide range of challenging career paths, including:

  • Help Desk Support Analyst
  • Network Administrator
  • PC Support Specialist
  • IT Security Specialist

In addition, these programs are available at many of AOLC’s campuses all across Canada, so prospective students can be sure of finding the right course in a location close to where they live.

Choosing the Right Information Technology College

It’s important to recognize that females wishing to pursue careers in the IT sector face specific challenges, and should choose an Information Technology college that responds to their needs. Many women, particularly those re-entering education or seeking to upskill or change careers, may struggle to find programs that allow them to balance their education with an existing job, child-care responsibilities, or other obligations outside of school.

AOLC realizes how important these commitments are, which is why all of our programs have built-in flexibility. Students have the option of completing parts of their training online, and can easily make-up missed classes. Information Technology students can rest assured that, even if unexpected demands arise in other areas of their lives, they will reach their certification goals on time.

Offering the Right Guidance to Information Technology Students

It’s also important to note that entering a new field can be a daunting prospect. AOLC Information Technology programs offer a nurturing, non-competitive environment with experienced staff who are ready to provide one-on-one support whenever it is needed.

Our expert advisors help new students map out a study plan and career goals, so they know from day one that they’re on track toward the IT career that suits them best.

While it is true that the Information Technology sector has long been a male-dominated industry, it is also clear that opportunities for women in IT are now greater than ever. With the right qualifications, there is no limit to how far you can go.

Thinking of pursuing a career in Information Technology? Click here to find out how you can get started today!

Career College in British Columbia

Career college training is one of the wisest investments a modern job-seeker can make. Across industries, today’s employers look for specialized education and certification when considering new hires.

In fact, according to British Columbia’s Labour Market Outlook, the province can expect almost one million new jobs between now and 2022. And 44% of those jobs will require a college diploma or trade certificate.

If you’d like to upgrade your credentials, earn a better wage, and secure stability for yourself and your family, there are plenty of colleges and diploma programs to choose from across Canada. But how can you guarantee that your investment in post-secondary training will pay off?

With flexible, skills-targeted programs designed to fill emerging gaps in the economy, Academy of Learning College (AOLC) is well prepared to support your transition back to school – no matter how busy your schedule may be.

Read on for 5 of the many reasons AOLC offers you BC’s best career college experience:

A Welcoming, Supportive Learning Environment

AOLC’s dedicated staff members are passionate about helping students from all walks of life find professional success! From application to graduation, their support and encouragement will guide you toward achieving your goals at the pace that works best for you.

We understand that going back to school can be intimidating, and that you may have plenty of other responsibilities on your plate. With AOLC’s supportive environment, your training will be a rewarding process, not an added stress.

Hit the Ground Running with Quick, Effective Certification

AOLC offers condensed programs, so you can earn your Diploma or Certificate in twelve months or less. This means you’ll be prepared for a brand new job within a year of starting school, instead of after two to four years at a Community College or University.

For example, let’s say you’re interested in a career in finance. AOLC’s accounting career college training can give you the specialized bookkeeping and payroll skills you need to find secure employment within a year after you begin.

Hands-On Career Training for In-Demand Jobs

Academy of Learning College plans its programming to fill gaps in Canada’s thriving service industries, tailored to give you specific skills that are in high demand on the market today.

For example, the nation’s aging population has increased demand for skilled health care technicians from coast to coast. By pursuing one of AOLC’s healthcare training programs and getting hands-on experience with state-of-the-art methods and technologies, you become exactly what today’s employers are looking for. This guarantees you eligibility for a variety of careers in this expanding field.

Flexible Career College Training

Flexible Career College Training with AOLC’s Integrated Learning SystemTM

By tracking your progress as you move from lesson to lesson, AOLC’s Integrated Learning System ensures you master each topic before moving on to the next. Online delivery lets you learn at your convenience, helping you balance your training with family life and even a full-time job.

For example, if you choose to pursue business career college training but need to miss a key class on management skills, you can catch up online at your convenience and get help from AOLC facilitators who are always available, either online or on campus. Your success is their top priority, so they’re happy to give you the one-on-one attention you need to meet your goals.

And with AOLC’s continuous enrollment, you can choose to begin your training at whichever time is best for you. Numerous program start dates throughout the year mean it’s never too late to start.

Wide Range of Career Training Programs in British Columbia

A Wide Range of Career Training Programs in British Columbia

Academy of Learning College offers over 30 diploma and certificate programs for you to choose from, and accessible campuses in 11 locations throughout British Columbia. If you’re not sure which career might suit you best, AOLC’s advisors are happy to help you find your perfect fit.

With the right training in AOLC’s flexible and supportive learning environment, nothing can stop you from achieving the long-term professional and financial success that you and your family deserve.


Are you looking for a reputable and experienced career college in British Columbia?

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Careers in Community Support Services

Community service workers (CSWs) are the helping hands that guide each community’s most vulnerable members toward improved health and wellness, and increased independence. They support children, seniors, and everyone in between – using specialized skills to promote each individual’s highest possible quality of life.

Careers in the community service sector are in high demand, opening the door for skilled professionals to step in and make their mark. With a diploma in Community Support Services, you could join them – and launch a career that truly makes a difference.

Read on to learn about the rewards of becoming a CSW, and the many career paths trained graduates can explore.

The Impact of Community Support Service Work

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world,” said Mahatma Gandhi. These words are put into action by CSWs at work every day – making a difference in their communities one compassionate interaction at a time. They work in government and social agencies, community centres, schools, and beyond, serving individuals with a diverse range of needs.

The right training will provide you with the skills you’ll need for any community support workercareer, including how to:

  • support at-risk populations
  • promote healthy family life
  • provide mental health counselling
  • understand complex social and psychological behaviours
  • manage cases and write reports

Community support services training can even give you firsthand work experience through clinical placements, preparing you to start work right after graduation in today’s exciting variety of CSW careers.

1. Educational Support Workers: Helping Children Grow

With CSW training you can become an early childhood educatorfocused on children at the preschool/kindergarten level, or a teaching assistant who supports students at each stage of their intellectual, social, and emotional development. You can also become a specialized educational assistant(EA), who uses particular skills to support children who need extra help and guidance.

These children may have particular disabilities or learning difficulties. An EA’s support is essential to helping them manage various challenges and learn and grow at their own pace – promoting each child’s confidence, well-being, and inclusion in the educational community.

community support services trainingGraduates of educational support work programs can find secure employment alongside teachers in traditional school environments. They are also often hired to help run youth centres, daycares, after-school programming, and other services for children beyond the classroom – supporting children throughout their communities.

2. Addiction Intervention: Cutting Edge Community Support Services

Graduates of community support services school can choose to specialize in the life-saving field of addictions support work.

If you choose to become an addictions support worker, you can find employment in governmental or mental health agencies, non-profit organizations, rehabilitation centres, correctional facilities, and rehabilitation centres.

It’s a challenging job, requiring skills in conflict resolution, behaviour management, empathy, and more. But every day these professionals help clients turn away from devastating alcohol and drug abuse toward new, healthier lives. It’s uplifting work that creates lasting, transformative change for some of society’s most at-risk members.

community support services school

3. Adult Program Facilitator: Supporting Individuals with Disabilities

CSWs often find employment at community centres that coordinator day programs for adults with developmental disabilities. These programs are typically focused on helping participants build life skills, enjoy creative expression through arts and activities, get involved in the community through volunteering, and find opportunities for employment.

CSWs help manage and facilitate a wide range of day programs, building meaningful relationships with the individuals they support, and ensuring they feel included in the local community.

career in community support services

With the right training and a compassionate attitude, you too can join the dynamic CSW field and pursue a career that is both professionally and personally rewarding.

Are you interested in pursuing a career in community support services

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Academy of Learning College graduates at New Surrey City Hall in BC

Academy of Learning College graduates at New Surrey City Hall in BC

Going back to school is a big step. It can help you unlock new opportunities at work, leave a dead-end job for a more rewarding career, and find renewed self-confidence as you take on new challenges and change your life for the better.

But, even with all the benefits of pursuing a college diploma, some students still hold off on making the transition back to school. They might be worried that rusty study skills will hold them back, that work and family commitments won’t leave enough time for class, or that it’s simply too late to switch careers.

For many students, financial concerns are also an important factor in going back to school. If they’re going to invest time and money in career training, they want to make sure that it pays off – with a better, more secure job.

So which jobs are in demand in British Columbia and how can a college diploma help you land a great position in a field you’ll love? Read on to find out!

Boost Your Business Career with Specialized Training

If you’d like to expand your job options, either in your current position or on a brand new career path, a business diploma could be your fastest route to a more secure future.

According to the most recent labour market report on job growth in British Columbia, recent college graduates can expect employers to add approximately one million new jobs in the province by 2022.

Many of these in-demand jobs are in the field of Business, Finance and Administration and require advanced training like a college diploma. So it’s no surprise that many new students are choosing business career training in British Columbia to get the credentials they need to get their foot in the door.

Academy of Learning College (AOLC) is highly attuned to labour market trends, and adapts their programs to reflect what employers are looking for. With a focus on building job-ready skills with hands-on training, AOLC delivers several in-demand business programs, including:

  • Project Administration
  • Business Management
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Conference and Event Planner
  • Business Administration

Healthcare Career Training for a Rapidly Growing Industry

Another key factor shaping employment trends in British Columbia is our aging population. This trend is particularly impactful across the healthcare industry, as Baby Boomers retire and create job openings for new grads. However, a larger population of seniors also means greater demand for dedicated, well-trained healthcare professionals, like medical receptionists, personal support workers, and health unit coordinators whose expertise we will count on to care for our aging loved ones.

There’s never been a better time to pursue healthcare career training and launch a career that will truly make a difference in the lives of others.

Flexible Study Options for Career Training in British Columbia

Many aspiring college students have important commitments outside of school like a part-time or full-time job and a family to look after. It’s crucial that the career training they choose is flexible enough to help them keep those commitments while earning a diploma.

AOLC has years of experience developing flexible study options, and has adapted program delivery to fit the unique needs of returning students. A combination of in-class and online learning allows each student to progress at their own pace, without sacrificing the support of dedicated instructors and campus resources.

In addition, a caring one-on-one approach from supportive AOLC staff helps ease that often intimidating transition back to school. That’s what makes Academy of Learning College the top career training college in British Columbia and your best first step toward a rewarding career in healthcare or business!

Ready to get started? Visit us online to see which programs are offered at a campus near you.

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