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Wondering where your first big gig as a web designer will come from? Here’s how to find it.

The need for graphic designers, illustrators and all masters of art-based disciplines will continue to expand as the importance of strong visual communication continues to get pushed to the forefront.

Art and design professionals harbour a fear of the job market after graduation, but according to, “For web designers and developers looking to take on new projects, the internet offers a great number of online resources that can help them find work.”

One of the perks of technology-based careers like web design is that you have the options of going to a 9-5 job, or roughing it on your own and becoming an entrepreneur.

We break the job opportunities for web designers into three categories:  freelance, SEO firm, and ad agency.

1. Freelancing

Freelancing is not for the faint-hearted. You have to have discipline and passion to search for clients, and follow through on deadlines.  Putting in an effort to register on job matching sites and freelancing platforms are keys to success.

As you build a portfolio of paid work and a client list, you’ll begin to see an increase in your profits.

Consider these three important tips for freelancers:

  • Create a schedule
  • Create a flawless portfolio
  • Promote your services daily and follow up on analytics

2. SEO Firms

This is one of the big opportunities, as SEO firms are always looking for fresh talent, like you.

Many hire full-time positions, but there is also potential for you to get freelance work as a contractor. It depends if you’re looking for security or freedom.

3. Ad Agencies

You can always apply at an ad agency to find work as a web designer. If you’re looking for a more corporate, structured 9-5 gig then this is the option for you. Deadlines, flawless execution and great communication are a must in this world.

According to, there are more places than ever to find job opportunities for web designers:

“There are tons of job boards and other websites that feature web design jobs and there’s been a new trend in blogs having their own web design job boards, due to their large audience of web designers. This way web designers can not only read new posts, but they can keep an eye out for their dream job at the same time!”

Are You Interested in a Successful Career in Web Design?

With an abundance of job opportunities, now is the best time for aspiring web designers to enter the workforce.  However, the space is becoming very competitive, and you’ll need to get proper training to even be considered by companies that are hiring.
With over 50 campuses across the country, Academy of Learning College is Canada’s largest and most respected career college, and has trained countless students to become gainfully employed as web designers.  Learn more about our web and graphic design programs, and contact us to get started on your path to a new career!



Having a great career aspiration and not knowing where exactly to start can be really discouraging.  Fortunately, if you’re interested in becoming a medical office assistant, there is a clear path for you to take, that will lead you to your first job in the health care industry.

Below is a guideline of some of the steps you’d take, and if you complete the first two steps today, you’re on the fast track to becoming an MOA!

But first:

What Does a Medical Office Assistant Do?

Let’s start you off with what responsibilities you should be ready to shoulder as a medical office assistant.

  1. Effective communication of messages for medical staff and patients.
  2. Update medical reports and correspondences.
  3. Initiate and maintain highly confidential medical files and records.
  4. Complete insurance and other claims.
  5. Order supplies and maintain medical facility inventory.
  6. Establish office and official procedures.
  7. Schedule and confirm appointments.
  8. Interview patients in a bid to complete forms and histories.
  9. Act as the first person between the public and the medical office who is responsible for setting a helpful, patient-friendly tone for the entire office.

Sound good? Ok, let’s get you trained.

Step #1:  Make Up Your Mind

It’s very hard for anyone to decide a career path for you. For you to have an interesting career and a successful future, the decision to study something career-wise has to come solely from you. It is your time now to make a decision.

Step #2:  Find a School Online

Look for the best school for you. Naturally, the location is going to be the biggest factor. But also make sure the school has reviews and appears respected.

A less reputable school (that happens to be right around the corner) isn’t going to do you any good.

Step #3:  Get Trained

Once you’ve made up your mind, time to dive in.

Courses may include:

You will probably find this the most exciting part, as you start to see yourself professionally involved in your preferred industry.

Step #4:  Graduate and Get Certified

Your hard work has paid off and it’s time to join the workforce. The good news is that diligent students can even find work BEFORE they graduate from their program.

Once you’re certified, there’s no stopping you.

Step #5:  Find Your Dream Job and Love it

The health care field is exciting and rewarding, and you will probably build great relationships with the people you work closely with every day, as well as the patients you meet.

Looking for Top Notch Training for a Medical Office Assistant?

A medical office assistant is the glue that holds an office together, and while it may seem like the perfect fit for you, it takes the right kind of training to set you up for the competitive health care industry.  At Academy of Learning College, we provide high quality hands-on training for aspiring health care workers across Canada, and assist students to get work, as well.

With flexible scheduling, continuous enrollment, and the ability to learn at your own pace, AOLC’s medical office assistant program is perfect for someone who is looking for the necessary skills, but needs to balance her life with her education.  Learn more about our medical office assistant program in Halifax, or about our Halifax campus, and start the journey on your new career path!


People That Go Back to School at 30

At 30, you might feel old as a freshman. But you shouldn’t: ever-changing technologies, job markets, and economies have prompted many individuals to return to school, and train for a new career.

A higher education may seem like a daunting endeavour, but it offers one of the highest payouts when it comes to your career and personal satisfaction.  If you’re one of the many who are going back to school at 30 (or older), read on to learn some of the struggles and victories that come with returning to school with a few extra years of experience under your belt.

1. “I can’t go bar hopping. My spouse made dinner.”

The college “scene” is happily stereotypical; young adults experiencing the freedom of being young, without parental restrictions.

In a youthful, happy-go-lucky community, socializing with your classmates after hours may be challenging. Although a third of undergrads in the US are over the age of 25, the presence of other social requirements in your life may cause you to feel a little twinge of loneliness.

2. “No, I don’t remember high school Algebra any more…do you?”

The longer you are away from the education system, the more you forget about the details contained within each subject. Even professionals who choose to go back to further their degree tend to experience a greater difficulty with remembering the little things from high school.

Fortunately, most colleges and universities offer free tutoring programs to help you catch up on the basics and ace your classes, regardless of how long it has been since you last heard of verb conjugations.

3. “I have more in common with my professor.”

The age gap between older students and their younger, 18-20 year old classmates can be daunting at first. That is, until you realize that you can relate more to the class instructor with your additional experience and world knowledge.

When the instructor feels like he can relate to you because you’re closer in age, he may be more likely to go the extra mile to make sure you succeed.

4. “I’m exhausted all the time!”

Studying a large variety of subject matter exercises many different parts of your brain – from math to art, physics to philosophy.

Although your cognitive abilities are elastic, it may take a while for you to catch up with the learning curve that is happening.

Make your psychological health a priority, since much of your motivation and endurance depends on it.  Exercising daily will release your feel-good, optimistic endorphins.

Eating well-balanced meals will give your brain the proteins and nutrients that it needs to stay sharp. And, of course, don’t forget to kick back and relax.  It will benefit your focus in the long run.

5. “I don’t always have the answer… But I probably do.”

Your younger classmates may look to you for all the answers, because you seem much smarter than them. The truth is, you’re simply more mature, working harder, and taking this more seriously than most 18 year olds.

So be patient, as your classmates look at you as some sort of second-professor in the room. Help them. They will be there to help you, when the time comes.

Are You Thinking About Going Back to School?

If you’re considering heading back to school to train for a new career, congratulations!  Regardless of your age, the best way to begin working in your dream job is to get the right education.  But where to start?

At Academy of Learning College, we provide quality hands-on, effective training for a wide variety of careers.  With flexible scheduling and continuous enrollment, we support older students by allowing them to balance their learning with their busy lives, whether it’s caring for a family or working a job (or both).

Learn more about our many courses that are available, or contact us to get started on your path to a new career!

The Academy of Learning College Franchisor Office is looking to add two more persons to its Call Centre. This position is a great opportunity to develop sales and customer service skills.

Employment Type: Fixed term contract (new contracts may be offered at the end of each term)

Hours: 37.5 per week*, landing between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.
This is a full-time position, but we may consider part-time hours for the right candidate(s).

Job Description:

Based in Richmond Hill, Ontario and reporting directly to the Director, Marketing and Sales, the Call Centre Representative is tasked with answering inbound inquiries from prospective students as well as making outbound telephone calls to prospective students who have contacted us in the past.

The call centre consists of a small team of sales-oriented individuals working closely with the Marketing and Sales team.

Your compensation has an hourly base rate and will be bolstered by performance-based bonuses.

Using skills you have successfully developed and demonstrated in previous positions, you will motivate and encourage your team to be the primary driving force for leads at our campuses across Canada.

Areas of responsibility include making outbound calls and taking inbound calls with the overall objective of following up every potential lead in a timely fashion.

At Academy of Learning College, we understand the meaning and value of team work. The successful candidate will as well.

Desired Skills and Expertise:

You have a minimum of three of the following qualifications:
• hands-on experience working as a call centre representative or in another customer service/sales role,
• the demonstrated ability to lead, motivate, and coach others in a sales environment,
• exposure to lead management systems in an academic setting,
• passionate about adult education and adult training,
• worked as an admissions representative in a training or education environment.

You are ready to drive leads and join a Marketing and Sales team focused on optimizing the student experience, increasing sales, and achieving overall company success at the premier Career College of its kind.

To discuss this unique opportunity, reply immediately to The deadline for applications is Friday, December 19, 2014, at 12 pm Eastern.

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