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Marketing coordinators helps businesses reach new clients and boost sales.

Marketing coordinators helps businesses reach new clients and boost sales.

Marketing coordinators play an important role in business development and growth. Whether they use their expertise to advertise an upcoming event, generate buzz about a new product, or help a local company gain traction in new markets, these professionals are valued for their unique skillset.

Marketing professionals use a wide range of communication, customer service, leadership, and problem solving skills to take companies to new heights.

While many aspiring students may already have some of the attributes they’ll need for success in this field, cutting-edge training will help turn that raw talent into a highly marketable, job-ready skillset.

If you’re in Hamilton and want to break into the growing field of marketing, here are some of the ways a marketing coordinator diploma can help you unlock your business potential.

Marketing Training Helps You Leverage Your Natural Communications Skills

Many career college students work full time while pursuing their marketing diploma – quite often in the service sector. They tend to worry that their work experience won’t help them land marketing jobs after graduation, and that the skills they’re using now won’t be helpful in their new career. But this is a big misconception.

The people skills you have now, combined with quality marketing training in Hamilton, can definitely give you a cutting edge when applying for marketing coordinator positions after you graduate.

Marketing professionals are great team-players, and know how to build trust with colleagues and clients

Marketing professionals are great team-players, and know how to build trust with colleagues and clients

Understanding how to connect with and influence others – in person and online – is a big part of the marketing coordinator’s job. If you’re already good a selling products, resolving customer complaints, and building rapport with new people, you’ve got the core characteristics of a marketing professional. Career college training will help you channel and sharpen your skills, so you’ll impress any hiring manager you meet!

Marketing Training Helps You Build Cutting-Edge Tech Skills

Like everything else, the field of marketing has been dramatically changed by new technologies. The digital world has opened up tons of new creative ways to reach and attract new customers. But to do this, marketers must be familiar with the latest programs, software applications, online trends, and digital platforms – and that’s on top of traditional channels, like newspaper ads and billboards!

Already know how to think creatively and enjoy learning new technical skills? With the help of marketing courses in Hamilton, you’ll learn how to express your ideas with the latest tools and techniques, and become an asset to any business.

A Marketing Diploma Lays the Foundation for a Career in Management

Growing job opportunities in marketing make this career path the ideal choice for students who believe they’ve got management potential.

A marketing coordinator diploma will give you everything you need to break into the business, and with so much of Canada’s Baby Boomer workforce retiring over the next few years, you’ll be perfectly positioned to advance to leadership roles. It’s all up to you! With hard work, and a desire to continue learning, marketing coordinators almost always have opportunities to take on managerial roles.

A marketing coordinator diploma could be your passport to a career in management

A marketing coordinator diploma could be your passport to a career in management

To help prepare you for that journey, you’ll need strong leadership skills and a keen sense of how businesses operate (beyond the marketing department). That’s why Academy of Learning College’s Marketing Coordinator diploma includes courses like “Marketing Administration” and “Business Essentials”, preparing ambitious students for each new step of their brand new career.

Ready to take the first step of your marketing coordinator career in Ontario?

Find out how Academy of Learning College can help you get your marketing coordinator diploma in just one year or less!

How Payroll Training in Airdrie Can Help you Run Your Business Better

In many ways, small- to medium-sized businesses are the backbone of our economy. In fact, 98.2% of Canada’s 1.1 million businesses are classified as small, which means they have fewer than 100 employees.

These small businesses make a big difference to our national economy and local communities. All together, they employ close to half of Canada’s workforce and generate roughly 28% of Canada’s total GDP. That’s no small contribution!

But even though the rewards and positive impact of running a small business are great, launching a start-up is no easy task.

As many small business owners know, keeping a company running smoothly is hard work and takes dedication. And even the best entrepreneurs can find themselves coming up against roadblocks every now and then.

But, with supports and incentives in Airdrie, as well as the specialized training of a payroll diploma, you can smoothly tackle the challenges of business ownership. Whether you’re looking to take your start-up to the next level, or build a new venture on a solid foundation, here few ways that payroll training in Airdrie can support a successful and long-lasting small business.

Airdrie: a Supportive Environment for Entrepreneurs

Starting a business in Airdrie comes with plenty of advantages. Entrepreneurs benefit from an excellent location close to Calgary, as well as connections to national and international markets through nearby train, highway, and airport access. And with Airdrie’s no business tax policy, it’s no wonder the city has become a hub of entrepreneurial activity!

It’s also a supportive environment, with several resources for new and established entrepreneurs. Airdrie is packed with helpful organizations for local business owners, including:

  • Think Airdrie Networking (TAN)
  • Airdrie Business Club
  • Airdrie Chamber of Commerce
  • Airdrie Women in Business Association

These associations can make all the difference for business owners, especially when they’re launching their company, expanding into new markets, or overcoming obstacles that are impacting their bottom line.

If you’re looking to cut costs and boost your company’s revenue, for example, then you might benefit from group insurance rates and discounts through the Airdrie Chamber of Commerce. Or, if you’re looking to expand your network, then meeting other local business owners through the Airdrie Business Club could help give your career a boost.

Networking events through local associations are a great way to meet other professionals and grow your business

Networking events through local associations are a great way to meet other professionals and grow your business

Payroll Administrator Training in Airdrie can Give you a Competitive Edge

Did you know that for many entrepreneurs, one of the biggest challenges is managing payroll?

In fact, known entrepreneurs like Jack Dorsey (founder of The Square and Twitter) admitted that of all the challenges that came with starting a business, bookkeeping was one of the biggest. “I had no idea what I was doing!” he admits.

Managing payroll can be one of the biggest challenges you face as a business owner!

Managing payroll can be one of the biggest challenges you face as a business owner!

That’s why targeted, cutting-edge programs can help business owners take their company to new heights. You’ll learn the ins and outs of managing payroll, and even hone other crucial skills like business correspondence, business math, and the latest computer programs.

With a solid educational foundation, you can channel your passion into a smoothly-run business.

Flexible Payroll Training Makes Upgrading Your Skills Easy

Of course, while many entrepreneurs would love to enroll in a payroll administrator course in Airdrie, the busy demands of owning a business make it hard to accommodate training. You might know that courses in bookkeeping, payroll administration, and the latest payroll software would help speed up company operations, but you simply don’t have the time to commit to a lengthy program!

That’s why quick, flexible options can be a huge help to entrepreneurs. Academy of Learning College’s payroll administrator training in Airdrie, for example, lets students learn at their own pace through its Integrated Learning SystemÔ, which blends an online approach with traditional class time.

These quick, focused programs can take less than a year to complete. And with multiple start-dates throughout the year, you can begin at any time. You don’t have to wait until January or September to begin your studies and give your business a boost.

Ready to learn the payroll skills needed to run your small business better?

Start your search for a payroll administrator program in Alberta at, and learn more about our flexible options today!




Business Training in Abbotsford

Thinking about going back to school for business training? Now might be the perfect time to take the plunge!

New data from WorkBC forecasts that 167,000 new jobs will open up in business, finance and administration between now and 2022. And that’s not all – 44% of those jobs are expected to go to college grads. This means that students who get started on their diploma now will have the training needed to tap into this opening market while demand is still hot.

Considering a college in Abbotsford? Discover how training here can offer additional advantages, and help you launch – and sustain – a successful business career

The Right Business School in British Columbia Can Get You Ready to Work Fast!

If you want a program that can get you job-ready fast, then Abbotsford is a terrific place to be.

Prospective students living in Abbotsford have plenty of higher education options to choose from, which means that they can pick the college and program that suits their needs best.

business diploma

In just a year or less, you could be graduating with your business diploma!

At Academy of Learning College (AOLC), for example, our convenient Integrated Learning System™ allows business students to train at their own pace, and make up missed classes at any time. It’s easier than ever to fit college into a busy schedule and complete a diploma quickly.

AOLC also offers enrollment year-round. You don’t have to wait until January or September to start your studies. And, with focused programs that teach you the skills you need quickly, you can complete the business training you need in just 4-12 months.

Business students at the AOLC Abbotsford campus are ready to take advantage of a growing marketplace in just one year or less.

Abbotsford is a Great Place to Start Your own Business

Small businesses are thriving in Canada. In fact, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) recently found that in the last 12 months, 8 out of every 10 new private sector jobs were created by growing small businesses.

For students completing their business certification in Abbotsford, there are also a few added benefits to look forward to that make starting your own business even more appealing.

To start with, Abbotsford residents enjoy plenty of competitive advantages such as proximity to:

  • Two US borders (one of which has 24 hour access)
  • An International Airport
  • Metro Vancouver
  • CP and Southern Railway
Abbotsford's central location and tax benefits make it an excellent place to start a business.

Abbotsford’s central location and tax benefits make it an excellent place to start a business.

On top of that, the city of Abbotsford is currently encouraging job creators with tax breaks like the Revitalization Tax Exemption.

Business Training in Abbotsford Offers Students a Variety of Course Options

Whether you want to launch your own venture, manage an existing business better, or land a position at a local company – there are plenty of business courses for Abbotsford students to choose from.

At AOLC, for example, students can choose from the following training paths:

  • Business Administration
  • Sales Professional
  • Project Administration
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Conference And Event Planner

Each program will help you build the technical, computer, communications, and job-search skills you’ll need to excel in BC’s thriving business sector.

With a diploma from a trusted business school in British Columbia, as well as Abbotsford’s many business-friendly advantages, you will be well prepared to achieve your career goals.

Interested in learning more about business training in Abbotsford?

Visit our website to explore the many programs AOLC offers, and how we can help you launch a rewarding new career.

Health Care Diploma

Is it time for you to make a career change?

If you’re unsatisfied with your current job – making less than you deserve, or struggling to find purpose in your daily work – you may be ready to upgrade your career with a health care diploma.

Health care training opens the door to a wide variety of secure and personally rewarding career paths. And jobs in health care are in high-demand: technicians and administrative workers are needed on the front lines, and behind the scenes, of clinics, labs, and medical offices across Canada.

It’s always the right time to re-focus your career goals, and work toward a profession in which you’ll feel valued, respected, and like a force for good within your community.

Here are five reasons why it’s never too late to get started in health care:

1. Flexible Programs Help You Earn a Health Care Diploma at Your Own Pace

Most students want to hold onto their current job and be free to spend time with family while earning their health care diploma. The best colleges will offer you options to study online at your own convenience, enrol year round when it’s most convenient for you, and make up missed classes with ease. Modern technology makes striking a balance between home, work, and school easier than ever so students don’t have to put off investing in a brighter future.

For example, at Academy of Learning College (AOLC), students use our Integrated Learning SystemÔ to study at their own pace with a blend of online and in-class instruction. They finish their health care programs quickly, within 4-12 months of enrollment, and are fully prepared for their first health care job (or to qualify for a promotion at their current place of work).

2. A Health Care Diploma = Financial Stability for You & Your Family

There’s no better time to get certified for a career in health care support. Canada’s aging population is creating a growing demand for trained health care workers, and Baby Boomers are beginning to retire from these jobs – creating new positions for college graduates.

According to the Canadian Occupational Projection System (COPS), individuals with training in medical support will find secure employment in the healthcare sector for years to come. Positive predictions like this take the risk out of the back-to-school investment, so it’s easier to make that leap now, rather than postpone training for another year or two.

3. New Credentials Help You Climb the Ladder at Your Current Job

You may already have a job in the healthcare field, and be looking for ways to advance in your own work environment. The right program can give you the credentials you need to break through to the next level.

Certification is the quick path to your next promotion

Certification is the quick path to your next promotion

By learning the latest technologies and best practices in your health care field, you’ll become more valuable to your employer, and eligible for more rewarding roles and a higher pay rate.

4. A Health Care Diploma Connects You with a Range of Job Opportunities

Well known Life Coach Suzy Greaves says that after the age of 33, more than 60 percent of people want to find a more fulfilling career – but aren’t sure which field to turn to. “People know they are in the wrong job,” she explains, “but they don’t know what they really want to do.”

If that sounds like you, a health care college program is likely a step in the right direction. Whether you’re leaning toward medical office assistant training, an addiction worker diploma, becoming a PSW, or a dental office assistant – you can be certain that a career in health care will offer that sense of meaning and personal reward you’ve been looking for.

Each health care course you take will move you one step closer to a career you can be proud of – making a difference in your own community, and helping others lead healthier, happier lives.

Are you interested in earning your own health care diploma? Visit AOLC to discover which health care programs are offered at a campus near you!

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