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These healthcare careers are rewarding opportunities for adult learners who have just graduated from a healthcare college

Healthcare colleges offer a wide range of learning opportunities for adult learners to explore their strengths and passions in the in-demand field of healthcare. With comprehensive and hands-on training, it is easy to progress into a wide range of careers. From dental administration to medical reception and beyond, the healthcare industry is a perfect opportunity for adult learners to become well-trained professionals and make a difference in their communities.

Read on to discover some of the top career paths for healthcare college graduates.

1. Healthcare College can Lead to a Rewarding Career in Dental Administration

Dental administration assistants take care of office duties and customer service relations within a dental office environment. As the backbone of the dental office, you’ll take care of clerical duties, handling insurance claims, scheduling appointments, and taking note of inventories if you pursue this career path.

You’ll also play the important role of being a liaison between office staff, patients, and dentists, ensuring that communication stays open and that office procedures runs smoothly. In addition, you’ll also act as a first point of contact when patients step into the office, building trusting relationships with them. Once you graduate from healthcare college, a career in a dental administration role might be your path to satisfying and stable employment.

2. A Career as a Health Unit Coordinator May be in Store for Adult Learners at Healthcare College

Health unit coordinators work within hospitals and doctor’s practices in receptionist positions and communicate with patients, either in person or on the phone—among many other duties. Health unit coordinators can also be known as health unit clerks or floor clerks, and are at the center of much of the communication between patients, doctors, and any other healthcare workers. One of the most important tasks these dedicated professionals oversee is greeting patients and scheduling appointments. Exercising good interpersonal skills sets these professionals apart, as sometimes healthcare institutions can be intimidating for nervous patients. A friendly smile and a professional greeting help to put these patients at ease.

A health unit clerk plays a vital role in any healthcare setting

A health unit clerk plays a vital role in any healthcare setting

3. Personal Support Worker Careers are Great Options for Healthcare College Grads

Personal support workers (PSWs) enjoy very rewarding careers, as their job involves helping elderly clients as well as clients with disabilities maintain independence and dignity. This title encapsulates a wide range of activities including assisting clients with grooming, eating, and personal hygiene. If you enjoy helping others, developing meaningful relationships with clients, and want great experience within a healthcare setting, this healthcare career is a terrific option for you.

Healthcare College Graduate and client

PSWs get the chance to assist those who would most appreciate a helping hand

4. Healthcare College Graduates can go on to a Career as an Addictions Worker

Another rewarding career path that can be pursued by graduates of healthcare college is that of an addictions worker. Addictions workers provide therapy to individuals or groups that are struggling with various forms of addiction. The role of an addictions worker will often include counseling patients as well as working closely with family and friends. An addictions worker career is a great option for someone that wants to help those in need and make a difference in their community.

Want to enroll in a healthcare course and see what other career paths can be discovered?

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3 Ways Customer Service Training Can Take Your Career to New Heights

Customer service agents play a crucial role in the success of a company. They can help greet customers, offer assistance, or help smooth out any complaints that might arise —among many other duties. As such, it’s no wonder that these skilled professionals are valued in many industries, from marketing to retail, and beyond.

Customer service skills can put you in a position to land a career right after graduation, or advance even further at your current place of employment. In fact, your customer service skills will benefit you throughout your entire career as you continue to excel within that organization for years to come.

Read on to discover three ways that customer service plays an important role in any company, and how training in this field can make you a valued and in-demand professional.

1. Excellent Communication Skills Help Companies Run Smoothly

Professionals with customer service training are valued members of any company, and with good reason. As the ‘glue’ that keeps the communication lines between various departments and customers open, customer service agents help make sure all parties understand each other. Once you begin your customer service career, there will often be pertinent information that you’ll have to relay to co-workers as succinctly as possible. As a result, good record keeping skills as well as excellent communication skills will help to make sure that the right messages are getting passed on to the proper co-worker.

During your customer service training you’ll also discover that you will likely be the first point of contact for the company you work for. Being able to make this first experience a great one for potential customers, and relaying information to colleagues effectively will help your company grow and your career reach new heights.

2. Customer Service Training Can Help You Deal With Problems Quickly As They Arise

As you begin your career in customer service, you will likely be the first person to address customer’s complaints and problems. An important aspect of success in this vein is to remain organized so that problems can be dealt with quickly, as soon as they arise. If a customer has a problem or issue, the right customer service training will teach you to exercise patience and empathy in order to remedy the situation, keep the customer calm, and bring a smile back to their face.

As a respected professional, you might have to juggle various tasks at the same time throughout your career, going between Microsoft programs like Outlook and Excel—which are taught in customer service training—and simultaneously dealing with customers, complaints, and problems. By staying organized, you’ll ensure that you stay successful. In addition, customer service data, such as the recording of phone calls or analysis of customer complaint emails, can help your company fine-tune their business model and move forward.

Turn problems into solutions with astute customer service skills

Turn problems into solutions with astute customer service skills

3. Encourage Repeat Customers Throughout Your Customer Service Career

When a customer receives service that is exceptional, it simply increases their desire to repeat business. It’s important to remember that your company isn’t just selling a product or service, it’s also selling an experience, and positive customer service is one of the cornerstones of that experience.

Graduates with customer service training know to make sure to listen attentively to customers. They apply the advanced communication skills they learned in their training to encourage customers to talk and express themselves openly. In addition, top customer service professionals often try to relate to customers on a personal level when they can, helping to build a lasting bond between themselves, the company they work for, and the client. With your ability to encourage customers to keep coming back, you’ll be a valuable asset to any company you work for!

Want to take a customer service course and discover a field that is ripe for a rewarding career?

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Business College students at work in a office

Whether you’re upgrading your education in order to land a promotion, or considering a different career path that is more suited towards your skill set, business management training at Academy of Learning College (AOLC) is a great opportunity for any adult learner. Whether you’re in need of affordable and flexible training, or mentorship and business support, the business management programs at AOLC are great place to start taking your next step toward success and realizing your true potential.

Read on to discover just a few of the reasons why business management college can put you on a path towards success.

Caring Instructors at Business Management College Answer Questions and Provide Support

To discover your potential, it often takes just one passionate instructor to take you under his or her wing. A caring instructor can give you the extra support you need by answering tough questions and giving you some advice. They are your number one resource in business management college, so make sure to take the time to get to know them.

Just how important is the guidance of a caring instructor? Founder of Virgin Group Ltd., who owns more than 400 businesses worldwide, recently explained that “If you ask any successful businessperson, they will always have had a great mentor at some point along the road.” When entering a business management college like AOLC, the possibilities of mentorship will be all around you, with every instructor being happy to make your acquaintance and help you grow your business ideas.

The Right Business Management College Provides Career Placement Support

Academy of Learning College bridges the gap between the classroom and corporate world in many ways, allowing for your business management training to be put to use right away. To help adult learners find work right after graduation, AOLC is partnered with People-to-Go (PTG), Canada’s fastest growing Just-in-Time labour company. AOLC also provides courses on resume design and job search assistance for those who are ready to hit the ground running after their adult education. And with the comprehensive business management training you’ll receive, beginning your career will be a snap. Even if you already have a career and are just seeking to advance your qualifications for that next big promotion, the in-depth business programs at AOLC give you comprehensive training in subjects like marketing and sales, business correspondence, and even project management—which will make you the next great candidate for a promotion.

Business Training Grad giving a presentation

Project management training can help you prepare for a position leading a team

Flexible Options Allow Even the Busiest Adult Learners to Begin the Journey to a New Career

These days, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t have a busy schedule. Most adult learners have a lot on their plates, and we understand. That’s why AOLC provides flexible scheduling options so that all learners can access the knowledge they need to jump-start their careers. Flexible learning enables adult learners to balance family life, careers, and the extension of their education seamlessly. Deciding to take a business course is a great idea, but taking one that doesn’t require you to put the brakes on other parts of your life is an even better idea! In addition, AOLC offers a course called Thought Patterns for a Successful Career in which adult learners are taught how to manage personal challenges while attending school.
Flexible scheduling, an abundance of friendly instructors, and career placement assistance all make a business management diploma a great investment.

Want to attend a business college that can help you unlock your true potential?

Contact an advisor at AOLC today to find out more.

Find out if you are an ideal fit for office admin training!

Many say office administrators are the backbone of any office, and with good reason. Whether they’re welcoming customers, balancing sheets, or scheduling daily tasks, office administrators really do have a hand in the daily success of any office. Becoming an office administrator begins with a willingness to learn—made easy with Academy of Learning’s (AOLC) flexible scheduling and supportive instructors—and moves on to the refinement of communication skills, organization skills, and time management abilities. Once you hone these skills, you’ll have no problem excelling in this role after graduation.

Read on to discover how these three qualities help office administrators excel, and why you might be an ideal fit for this rewarding career path.

1. Good Communication Skills Could Make You an Ideal Fit for Office Admin Training

Once you graduate from office admin school you’ll interact with both clients and co-workers often. That’s why if you have good communication skills, or enjoy communicating with others, this might be the ideal career for you.

An office administrator is often the first point of contact for clients. That’s why top programs teach adult learners how to take their communication skills to the next level, so that they can excel in this role. For example, once you become an office administrator, you’ll want to make sure to have a friendly tone, welcoming voice, and a level of professionalism that will make a lasting impression. You’ll also want to make sure to listen attentively to any questions or concerns a potential or pre-existing client may have and provide the best answers or advice you can.

2. Organized Adult Learners Might Find their Career Calling at Office Admin School

As the backbone of any office, professionals with office admin training often handle multiple tasks at once. By juggling calls, appointments, and scheduling, as well as emails and balance sheets, office administrators have their hands-full—and the challenge always keeps things interesting. Having the ability to seamlessly move from one task to the other, and back again, without becoming frazzled, is crucial in becoming a successful office administrator. Since you’re the ‘go-to’ person in the office for so many tasks, departments, people, and clients, if you can stay organized, you will be valued as a crucial part of any team. If you have a good eye for detail and have good organizational skills, the right college can help you turn these abilities into the skills you need to excel as an office administrator.

Staying organized as an office administrator is essential

Staying organized as an office administrator is essential

3. Good Time Management Skills are an Important Part of any Office Admin Career

In an office environment, efficiency is important, and so keeping a good handle on the passing of the clock is one skill that every office administration professional does well. These days, everything is moving at a faster pace thanks to technological expansion. If you’re used to juggling many responsibilities, or if you enjoy staying on schedule, those skills might mean that you could be an excellent office administrator. Once you enroll in an office admin course you’ll learn how to hone your time management skills, as well as utilize top industry software in order to speed up operations and keep both clients and colleagues happy.

Think you’ve got what it takes to pursue an exciting and rewarding career as an office administrative assistant?

Contact an advisor today to find out more about our office admin course!

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